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BFCitC Host successful Midnight Football Tournament during Ramadan

On Thursday the 6th of April, Burnley FC in the Community held their annual Ramadan 6-a-side tournament at The Leisure Box, which ran from 11:30pm until 1:30am.  

The league which took place during the month of Ramadan, saw teams from across the local community come together to compete in a series of football matches held after midnight.  

The concept behind the league was to provide a space for Muslim football enthusiasts to continue playing the sport they love, even while observing the religious restrictions of Ramadan.   

During the holy month, Muslims fast from dawn until sunset, which can make it difficult to maintain an active lifestyle, reducing physical activity and limiting opportunities for exercise.  

The Ramadan tournament provided a fun environment, allowing players to compete in the cooler, quieter hours of the night, whilst being able to eat and drink.   

The league itself consisted of several teams, each team was required to face each other before the semi-finals and final was decided. The atmosphere at the tournament was electric, with players and spectators alike cheering on their teams and enjoying the camaraderie that comes with playing team sports.    

A draw in the semi-finals meant that both teams left it in the hands of a nerve-wracking penalty shootout, which was being spectated by 60-70 people. A beautiful, slotted penalty meant that the blue team were now in the final against a formidable team in Fazaldinhos FC.   

The final came down to the last minute, when the winners Fazaldinhos FC, secured a 3-0 victory to win the grand prize of Burnley FC matchday tickets to the QPR fixture! 

For many players, the league was an opportunity to meet new people and form connections with others who shared their passion for football.  

One of the participants, Shahzayb, was very grateful for the continuation of the midnight league:    

I feel great about it. Food and water has been provided in the form of water and dates as refreshments, which we’re really grateful for. We’ve just come back from our Evening prayer, and now we’re able to play football with people we’re getting familiar with due to this tournament.  

We feel very valued as a community, as no other facility is offering to open this late for us. We’re not able to eat during the day, so we feel really appreciated to come here and play football after breaking our fast, with the possibility of winning Burnley FC Matchday tickets,”  

Overall, the Ramadan tournament proved to be a great success, providing a space for Muslim football enthusiasts to come together, compete, and have fun during the holy month of Ramadan.  

The league was a testament to the power of sport to bring people together and create meaningful connections, and it serves as an inspiration to other communities looking to promote inclusion, diversity, and community engagement through sports.  

For more information on the event, please contact our Facilities Marketing Officer, Arbaaz: