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BFCitC partner with Pennine Pneumatic Services

Burnley FC in the Community are pleased to announce that Pennine Pneumatic Services Ltd (PPS) in Leigh, have joined our ‘All Onside’ Community Business Club.

Pennine Pneumatic Services Ltd (PPS) are compressed air specialists working across the North of England. When forming the partnership, Company Director Matt O’Connor told us ‘As a business, we are deeply committed to helping others. The work carried out by BFCitC is truly inspiring, and we eagerly look forward to supporting those in need. Over the last couple of years, we’ve actively participated in various events and fundraisers for the organization. It’s heartening to witness a multitude of projects being delivered on a weekly basis, and we take immense pride in supporting this cause as a business.’

This week, we caught up with Dave Edwards, PPS Leigh Branch Manager, to gain more insights into their operations. Dave stated, ‘The PPS Leigh branch opened in March 2021 and serves as a one-stop destination for air compressor supply, service, and spare parts. We boast an experienced team of engineers capable of working on equipment from any compressed air brand, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.’

Dave emphasized, ‘Our primary collaboration is with manufacturers in the region. For most of our customer’s, compressed air is as vital as any other utility; without it, many can’t function. Hence, finding a trusted partner they can rely on when needed is paramount.

Energy efficiency is a key concern for many of our customers. Typically, compressed air accounts for 12% of their energy consumption, and in some cases, this figure can be even higher. To help customers understand their energy consumption, we perform benchmark data logging exercises on their systems. This helps identify energy-saving opportunities and areas for improvement,’ Dave added.

Dave explained, ‘PPS is the largest independent compressed air distributor for Atlas Copco in the UK. We provide customers with the most energy-efficient compressed air equipment available. PPS Leigh supplies a comprehensive range of products, from plant room to production, including air compressors, ancillary equipment like vacuum pumps and blowers, and even air tools and pneumatic components.

In conclusion, Dave stated, ‘Our primary goal is to alleviate the pressure on our customers by delivering the right products at the right time, backed by the right servicing support. This allows them to focus on what they do best, while we manage their compressed air needs.’

By collaborating, Burnley FC in the Community and PPS are enthusiastic about their joint achievements and the support they can offer to their local community through this partnership.