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Burnley FC Team visit BFCitC Programmes

Last week, the Burnley FC players joined us in various community programmes to meet our participants and gain insight into the charity’s work and how they can contribute.

Lawrence Vigouroux and Johann Berg Gudmundsson visited the Burnley FC in the Community Foodbank, learning about the people we support and even packed a couple of parcels themselves.

Josh Brownhill, Maxime Estève and Lorenz Assignon visited our Premier League Inspires students at Shuttleworth College where the players got involved with one of our group games answering questions like what superpower would you have and what would you be if you weren’t a footballer.

Jacob Bruun Larsen, Sander Berge and Zeki Amdouni visited The Leisure Box where they met our Clarets Welcome Refugee Team, learning about their journeys to the UK, their stories and celebrating Football Welcomes Month with the team.

Jacob Brunn Larsen made a generous donation of a bag filled with his own football boots and footballs to our players. Many of them have been playing in old and broken boots, so this donation has had a significant impact on their lives and on the game they cherish.

We then went inside to our Parkinson’s Active session where the players got involved with some of our favourite sit-down exercises.

Finally, Charlie Taylor and Mike Trésor visited our Veterans Social Group at Burnley Cricket Club where the players got to learn about our veterans’ experiences in the armed services and find out all about how much Burnley FC in the Community’s sessions benefit them.

Veterans Project Co-ordinator Daniella expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “It was fantastic to have the
players join our session. Many of our Veterans are lifelong Burnley fans, so having the opportunity to
share their stories with Charlie and Mike was truly brilliant.”

We would like to say a huge thank the Burnley FC players for their inundated support throughout the season and in the last week on supporting and positively engaging with our sessions.