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lola's story

Lola first started her journey with us at one of our dance sessions, however she struggled to engage and found it overwhelming. However, Lola then started to attend our Climbing sessions and began to flourish! She is an energetic, fun and polite young girl who now loves attending our sessions.

Lola has now attended a variety of our sessions including climbing, dance, football and sensory and gets stuck into all of them recently setting a new high score for herself on the drop slide in the climbing arena. Lola has built her confidence which all staff can see, she is a pleasure to have at sessions and is always smiling and dancing.

We caught up with Premier League Kicks Manager Lewis who told us, ‘Lola is a polite girl who is very well behaved and isn’t afraid to give things a go. She is constantly smiling and having fun with peers and staff whether it’s playing peek-a-boo or having a chat and is always one of the first through the door.’

We then had the pleasure of talking to Lorna, Lola’s Mum, who told us ‘Limitless Clarets have been a consistent weekly staple for Lola, she looks forward to going to Leisure Box to take part in the SEN climbing on a Tuesday. Being able to partake in positive, inclusive sports sessions amongst other SEN children, has been really important for her independence and self-confidence. It has also really encouraged her to be brave and to try activities she would never have done.

The sports coaches have been consistently supportive, encouraging Lola to keep trying and offering guidance when needed. Every week she asks me if we are going climbing and she says that she loves it and she is “so excited to go!”

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