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Burnley FC in the Community Netball Academy Students Embark on New University Adventures

Burnley FC in the Community’s Netball Academy, in partnership with Nelson and Colne College, is celebrating the success of two of its dedicated students, Cora and Wajeeha, as they prepare to transition from college to university life.

Cora’s Journey to Durham University

Cora is set to attend Durham University, where she will pursue a degree in English Literature. With impressive predicted grades of AAA in English Literature, Sociology, and Religious Studies, she is well-prepared for the academic challenges ahead.

Reflecting on her time with the Netball Academy, Cora shared, “Netball has helped me gain more confidence and leadership skills as I took on the Captain position. It has helped me appreciate exercise for my mental and physical health. Netball has also given me a community in which I can meet new people with different interests to me, helping me build relationships.”

At Durham, Cora plans to immerse herself in the vibrant netball community. “Durham University offers both College and University level Netball. I plan to join the netball society and hopefully try out for the University league. I tried Netball out at the Summer School I attended and got to help run the session, learning from Thea’s experience at College.”

Cora’s experience at the Netball Academy has been enriching. “College Netball has given me a great experience where every Monday and Tuesday for just under two years I’ve developed a safe space where I can enjoy myself. Sessions at college have been brilliant, where Thea offers different activities, making exercise fun and engaging. Netball games against other colleges have also been a new opportunity and experience. I’m excited to carry this on at University and any other Netball leagues I find.”

Grateful for her time at the academy, Cora added, “I’ve really valued and appreciated my time at Netball Academy and will miss the girls and Thea so much! I’m very glad to be taking the valuable skills and opportunities that I’ve learnt here, and I’m so happy that I joined Netball in my first year.”

Wajeeha Path to Essex University

Wajeeha is heading to Essex University to study Marine Biology, including a year abroad. With predicted grades of ABC, she is eager to dive into her studies and new experiences.

Reflecting on her netball journey, Wajeeha said, “It helped me grow confidence in the way I speak and my choices as it can be a fast-paced sport which requires me to be quick on my feet. It’s helped me grow my resilience to keep trying. Being part of a group of people who help you grow and challenge each other has been invaluable.”

Wajeeha is also keen to continue her netball journey at Essex. “I plan on trying out and training to play for my university team, and to further improve my skills.”

Both Cora and Wajeeha’s stories highlight the profound impact of Burnley FC in the Community’s Netball Academy, demonstrating how sports can play a pivotal role in personal development and academic success. As they move on to their respective universities, the academy and their peers wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

If you’re looking to join our Netball Academy for yourself, please contact Thea Cormack on for more information.