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Neurodiversity Celebration Week

This week, we are celebrating Neurodiversity Celebration Week and sharing the stories of two of our fantastic Limitless Clarets participants.

Here are their stories:

Elliott’s Story

Elliott’s journey with Burnley FC in the Community began with his attendance at Premier League Kicks on Monday evenings at The Leisure Box.

Initially, Elliott was our shyer participant who was looking to improve his football skills and make new friends. Through his participation in programmes like Premier League Kicks and Limitless Clarets, Elliott has undergone a remarkable transformation. He has evolved into a role model within the community, demonstrating leadership qualities by offering support and assistance to both his peers and the staff whenever needed.

Elliott’s involvement extends beyond regular sessions, as he has participated in various trips and events organised by Burnley FC in the Community. This includes attending tournaments such as the one held at Manchester United, as well as joining in on memorable experiences like the Christmas reward trip to Ski Rossendale.

One of Elliott’s standout qualities is his confidence and willingness to explore new sports and activities. He readily lends a helping hand to young people who may require additional support, displaying his altruistic nature without prompting from coaches.

Overall, Elliott’s journey exemplifies the positive impact that community sports initiatives can have on individuals. His growth from a shy individual to a confident and supportive young man underscores the transformative power of participation in such programmes.

“When there are other kids like me or kids who don’t understand the rules, I try to help them! I’ve been able to do that because of everything that Burnley has taught me.” Elliott

“The sessions help my child to do what he enjoys. He always wants to attend and likes to help others in the group. The experience has been rewarding and I am proud to watch him grow and develop and find a sense of belonging.” Kate, Elliott’s Mum

“Elliott is a kind and caring young man who is a role model for other young people who attend the session. He has a bright and warming personality and this shines through when he is helping his peers.” Caitlin Walker, Premier League Kicks Officer

“Elliott has become a confident and outgoing young person and is an easy-going boy and is a pleasure to have around.” Lewis Helps, Premier League Kicks Officer

Willow’s Story

When Willow first started attending Burnley FC in the Community’s Limitless Clarets Climbing session, she was shy, nervous, and lacking in confidence. Willow is currently undergoing assessments for ADHD and ASD. Since September 2023, Willow has been a regular attendee at Limitless Clarets Climbing, confidently showcasing her climbing abilities on each of the walls.

Her confidence has grown significantly during this time, as she perceives Limitless Clarets Climbing as a safe space where she can freely express her personality without judgment. The coaches eagerly challenge Willow, encouraging her to reach new heights with each climb.

“Willow’s confidence, self-belief, and ability to challenge herself have developed massively. Initially apprehensive and in need of guidance, she has excelled at her own pace and continues to embrace new challenges,” Willow’s parent.

“Willow is an absolute pleasure to have at climbing; she always arrives with a beaming smile. We’ve witnessed her confidence soar as she conquers each wall, with her favourite being the Skyscraper. I enjoy racing her on the adjacent wall. Her next goal is to conquer the Leap of Faith once she’s tall enough,” Caitlin Walker, Premier League Kicks Officer.

“Ever since her first session, Willow has been a joy to have at Limitless Clarets. She is polite, kind, and constantly wears a smile. Alongside her climbing skills, her confidence has grown immensely, evident in her eagerness to tackle new climbs and make new friends,” Lewis Helps, Premier League Kicks Officer.