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survival stars

Helping children reach their goals

Survival Stars is Burnley FC in the Community’s 6-week outdoor education programme focusing on outdoor and adventurous activities. 

During this programme pupils will learn important theory about a variety of outdoor topics, including fire building, shelter building, countryside etiquette and the physical and well-being benefits of being outdoors. 


Weeks 1-5 of Survival Stars will be delivered by our Sports and Education Coaches in the school environment. Week 6 will be a full day at our stunning 22-acre Whitehough facilities in the beautiful Pendle countryside, at the foot of historic Pendle Hill.

Here, education moves out of the classroom and into the great outdoors. All pupils will engage in a range of challenging individual and team activities, helping them develop key life skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, self-belief, and resilience. This experience will provide all pupils with an inspirational memory to cherish.

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For more information please contact our Education Manager, Lianne Bradford on

For more information on our Safeguarding Policy and Procedures please contact Sharon Swindells, Safeguarding Manager at Burnley FC in the Community or view our safeguarding page here.