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Premier League Primary Stars Visit

On Thursday 23rd November our Premier League Primary Stars team were delighted to host their first Stadium Visit in collaboration with Lancashire Archives for the Year 2 children of Simonstone Primary School. 

The children spent the morning at Burnley Library learning about how we know about things from the past, what “evidence” means, the different types of evidence there are, and how they have to be “detectives” to piece it all together, like making a jigsaw puzzle. The children then completed a quiz where they had to be detectives and find the answers from all the different pieces of evidence, the children then marked their answers on a string of decades from 1870 to the present day.

The children then walked from the library to Turf  Moor with maps and photos to look at, comparing the “old” and “new” with some constant landmarks.

At Turf Moor the children were shown images of how Turf Moor has changed over the years and provided with lots of information about the history of Turf Moor and Burnley FC. The children were then taken on a stadium tour, where they identified the different stands, sat in a variety of seats and asked questions to our grounds team.

Diane Hartley, Year 2 Class Teacher at Simonstone Primary school quoted – “Thank you for organising our visit – the children loved it!  They talked a lot about their visit to Turf Moor and thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the ground – sitting in the dug out and the heated seats, seeing the dressing rooms, pretending to be the manager, were just a few of their comments!  I think it was great that we had a full day with the library visit first, and I know the children really enjoyed the walk from the library to Turf Moor, too.  David and Keith had even thought about that and given the children maps and old photos to look at on the route.  The children particularly remembered the two boys who broke into Turf Moor! We would definitely want to do the trip again next year.”

For any further information please contact Education Manager, Lianne Bradford