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ReStart support Burnley FC in the Community STEM Education Programme

‘’All SySTEMs Go’’ with Re Start Consulting!

Burnley FC in the Community is delighted to unveil its collaboration with ReStart, marking an exciting milestone in the charities new STEM mission.

The name “All SySTEMs Go” is derived from the programme’s mission to elevate children’s education to unprecedented heights, enabling them to realise their fullest capabilities in the domains of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

In 2023, Burnley FC in the Community embarked on planning a STEM initiative set to enrich local schools. Identifying the pressing need for STEM education in Burnley, Lianne Bradford, Education Manager, told us: “There is an abundance of local STEM businesses craving qualified talent in and around Burnley. The aim is to instill a passion for STEM among children, fostering a pipeline towards lucrative STEM careers”.

CEO of ReStart Consulting, Lynette Ousby spoke about the partnership stating: “We are overjoyed to announce our partnership with Burnley FC in the Community. At ReStart, community empowerment lies at the heart of our ethos. Through this collaboration, we aspire to support crucial endeavors such as STEM education, food banks, veteran programs, and dementia care nationwide. Together, we pledge to make a positive impact in Burnley and beyond, shaping a brighter tomorrow for all.”

We’re grateful of the support and we look forward to rolling out this new and exciting provision in the coming months.

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