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Sports Charity Champions for Military Projects

The Transformational Grant from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust awarded to Burnley FC in the Community (BFCitC) marks a significant initiative aimed at supporting veterans through sports-related projects. With a focus on enhancing physical and mental health outcomes for veterans, this three-year endeavour seeks to establish or enhance veterans projects within a sports club environment.

Initiating and Developing Veterans Projects: BFCitC aims to either create new veterans projects or enhance existing ones within the sports club environment, providing tailored support and activities to meet the needs of veterans.

Sharing Best Practices: The project staff will disseminate best practices in veterans support, drawing from their experiences and expertise. This sharing of knowledge aims to improve the quality of veterans projects nationwide.

Mentoring and Guiding: BFCitC will mentor and guide other sports charity organizations, helping them establish and deliver high-quality projects for the Armed Forces community across the UK.

Addressing Increasing Referrals: With a growing number of referrals for veterans’ physical and mental health support, the project aims to meet this demand by offering holistic support through sports-related activities.

Providing Alternative Access to Services: Sports community charities serve as an alternative “front door” for members of the Armed Forces community to access support services. By leveraging sports-related initiatives, veterans can receive comprehensive support that aids in their reintegration into civilian life.

Access to Tailored Information and Resources: Sporting organizations across the UK will gain access to tailored information, tools, and resources. This will equip them with the knowledge and understanding needed to effectively engage with the Armed Forces community and deliver impactful projects.

Overall, this project represents a converted effort to address the needs and challenges faced by Sport Club CCO’s, leveraging the power of the badge, sports and community engagement to provide a sustainable Veterans Project that will successfully improve well-being and facilitate their transition into civilian society.

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