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BFCitC Sports and Football: Terms and Conditions

  • Please note that we request only parents/legal guardians responsible for the child/children. complete all registration forms.
  • Registration forms completed by any other party will not be accepted. This is to ensure that we have the correct consent/information required.
  • All children must bring their own drinks and lunch (when required, for example Activity camps) which must be clearly labelled. Please could parents/carers avoid any nut content in lunches due to allergies.
  • Any medical illness/disability/allergy must be declared when bookings via the booking form and Medical consent must be provided for BFCitC to view any medical information. Alternatively a medical consent form should be given to Burnley FC in the Community to access this information or by emailing Burnley FC in the Community will seek further information from the parent/legal guardian/carer of the child regarding the illness/disability/allergy – such information may result in your child being refused their place on Burnley FC in the Community’s course.
    It is your responsibility to ensure Burnley FC in the Community are provided with the most current information regarding illness/medical conditions in relation to your child. Burnley FC in the Community will not be liable for any incidents that may occur should you not provide us with this information.
  • If your child requires any type of medication, please ensure this is communication with BFCitC prior to your booking.
  • On arrival, please ensure that the Lead Coach is aware of what the medication is and where it will be should it be required. It is the parent or child’s responsibility to take any type of medication, Burnley FC in the Community cannot take any responsibility for the issuing of any type of medication. Please ensure any medication is labelled and brought each day of your booking.
  • Burnley FC in the Community and Burnley Football Club are not responsible for any loss/damage to personal items and belongings whilst on the property of Burnley Football Club or any external venues used by Burnley FC in the Community for the delivery of our sessions.
  • Burnley FC in the Community can only authorise a refund with over 2 weeks’ notice of the start of the block booking start date and not once the course has begun. This will be minus any booking fees.
  • Burnley FC in the Community can only authorise a credit note for the remainder of a booking if one of the following criteria is met:
  • A child has a medical condition or serious injury that means that they will not be able to take part in any future sessions of that course.
  • All children must be collected by the set finish time and no later. Failure to collect your child promptly may lead to an additional charge.
  • You must set a single word password via the booking system (this is not your account password but one that is set when signing up for holiday camps) – please note that anyone can pick up your child as long as they have the password so please ensure you pass this on as children will not be released without it.
  • When predicted hot weather, all children will need to come in appropriate clothing and come with their own sun cream. Sun cream cannot be provided or applied by BFCitC staff. Children will not be allowed to take part in any outdoor activities without sun cream. Regular breaks from the sun will be scheduled.