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Tilly's Story

At the beginning of the week, Tilly was reserved, spending most of her time with a close friend and being one of the quieter members of the group, despite knowing everyone.

During the NCS Food for Thought activity, Tilly showcased her leadership qualities by taking charge of starting a fire. Despite initial challenges, she persevered, demonstrating problem-solving skills and fostering teamwork to keep the group motivated.

In activities like Archery and Jacob’s Ladder, Tilly actively listened, participated, and supported her team members, offering encouragement and adapting to challenges with calmness and creativity. During problem-solving tasks, Tilly demonstrated creative thinking and clear communication, contributing valuable ideas to the group’s success.

Tilly showed enthusiasm for both physical and classroom-based activities, taking the lead in tasks like the pitch for BFCinTC. Despite initial nervousness, she presented with confidence, reflecting her growing leadership and speaking skills.

Throughout the week, Tilly maintained a positive attitude and eagerness for every activity, regardless of challenges. Her confidence, leadership, speaking, teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity noticeably flourished with each new experience.

Tilly’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of active participation, leadership, and a positive mindset. Through embracing challenges, demonstrating initiative, and supporting her peers, she not only developed essential skills but also grew as a confident and effective leader within the group.