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Walking football: code of conduct

  1. Participants must treat all people (Staff, coaches, volunteers, and fellow participants) without discrimination and with respect and dignity.


  1. Participants must adhere to the rules of the game set by the coaches.


  1. Participants must not use foul or abusive language to fellow participants and/or coaches/staff/volunteers.


  1. Participants must not use excessive force in game challenges (excessive force to be determined by the coach of the session).


  1. Your behaviour is your choice; the consequence is not your choice and improper conduct can lead to:


  • Verbal warning
  • Written warning
  • Permanent ejection from all sessions


Any breach of provision(s) of this Code of Conduct by a participant shall constitute a breach of the Rules of the Football Association and shall be dealt with under the procedures as set out in the Rules of The Football Association.

Any misdemeanours and general disregard for the Code of Conduct will be reported to the Burnley FC in the Community staff. Persistent breach of the code will result in permanent ejection from all sessions.